Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting functional

Recently, I've been doing some work in other languages such as Python. I must say, after the initial annoyance, the languages have become rather pleasant to use.

The biggest benefit was the ability to quickly get complex movements of data performed with very little effort in terms of the amount of code that I needed to write. The "functional" way as it were is, in one word, fantastic.

The paradigm advocates immutability (which I absolutely agree with) and concise statements whereby boilerplate code is kept to an absolute minimum. As a result of this, together with my enjoyment of Java has spurred me on to start learning Scala, the best of both worlds as it were. By learning a new language, I hope to improve the APIs available in CIlib. Such improvements will ensure that we focus on the intentions of the algorithms etc and not get bogged down with the implementation related difficulties.

I'd love to one day write concise statements like:

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